Lawyers Helping Victims

The American Immigration Lawyers Association, the largest organization of immigration lawyers, and the American Bar Association, the largest bar association, have teamed up to encourage lawyers to help stop notario fraud.

If you are willing to help a victim fight back through the legal system, please use our immigration lawyer sign-up to be on our list of pro bono lawyers. You need not accept a case when we contact you, but we hope you’ll say “yes” when the right client comes along.

The ABA and AILA have provided the following links to resources to help immigration lawyers help victims:

Federal Resources

State Bar Resources

AILA Resources

Consumer Protection Statutes

Every state and the District of Columbia have enacted consumer protection statutes that may be used to challenge immigration consultants and notarios for fraudulent, deceptive, or unfair practices. For a full listing from the National Consumer Law Center.

State Immigration Consultant Statutes

Some states have chosen to regulate the conduct of immigration consultants. All prohibit these consultants from providing legal advice; some specify in detail the exact parameters of consulting services. However, rather than being limiting, many advocates believe these statutes actually draw consumers into a false belief that consultants can do more than the law allows.

Unauthorized Practice of Law Statutes

Litigation Resources